moto 360 camera

capture every angle. every time.

Relive and share life's can't-miss moments in interactive, 4K 360° video with immersive 3D audio. Or give your photos a new perspective with an ultra wide-angle 150° field of view. Things you can't do with any other smartphone.

capture every angle. every time.

Capture 360° video, audio, and images – in a snap
Record 360° 4K video and immersive 3D sound for interactive playback
Fine-tune content on your phone with advanced editing software
Snap 150° ultra wide-angle photos and selfies
Instantly share or live stream to your social networks

360° photos and 4K video with 3D sound

talk about immersive content

150° ultra wide-angle photos

Capture ultra wide-angle front and rear images, giving your still photos a perspective you can’t get from any other smartphone.

advanced editing software

Edit your 360° photos and videos right from your phone. Advanced editing software allows you to easily adjust 360 content to fit your needs.

stream or share

Live stream your 360° videos on your social media channels. Or, share them in the moment—right from your Google Photos app.

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